Infection Prevention and Control Solutions

Infection Control and its Prevention have always been a far-reaching healthcare matter of concern. According to Dr. William Rutala, a director of the hospital epidemiology and occupational health and safety program at the University of North Carolina hospitals, healthcare staffs pick up pathogens at the same level by touching the environment as they do by touching the patients. Unless these microbes are inactivated or removed, they are going to remain present in a patient’s room for a long time.

We are pleased to announce innovative microbe prevention solutions from Seal Shield - who provide a wide range of Infection Control technologies. These products are deployed in healthcare and food production facilities to meet the needs of Infection Control and BioMedical Managers alike. This is achieved by delivering cost-efficient technology that eliminates infections and contamination. As an added benefit, the touch-screen films dramatically decrease costly equipment replacements. This applies to both restoring older, scratched monitors as well as protecting new screens from breakage.

Infection Control Solutions