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How do you get into the “green” movement with technology? By using eco-friendly printers! Leading the pack is Kyocera.

They have been manufacturing cartridge-free Ecosys printers since 1992. They positively impact our eco-environment footprint. Additionally, users will see a considerable reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when employing these economic saving printers.

Most conventional printers use an imaging cartridge that integrates a drum, developer, fuser and toner into a single, disposable module. When the toner is depleted, the entire cartridge is disposed and replaced with a new one – at a significant cost and inconvenience to the user.

The benefits of the Ecosys printer are twofold. Economically, by removing the recurring cost associated with replacement print cartridges, Ecosys printers provide the lowest TCO – many costing less than ½ cent per page. This incremental savings can easily recover the printer’s purchase price in a year or less when operating in network printing environment.

By eliminating the need to continually replace cartridges, Ecosys printers do their part in helping reduce environmental waste – an added benefit for companies looking to enhance their “green initiatives.” All the Ecosys replaceable printer components are environmentally safe and can be disposed in a normal fashion.

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